When does a person enroll automatically in Medicare part B in 2019

You can just wake up and decide to join Medicare Supplement Plans 2019, there are some rules that restricts some people to join any plan. At some point, the Medicare plan enrollment might occur automatically if only;

  1. You are getting the retirement benefits

This happens when you turn 65 and that is the time you will be able to enroll automatically without any struggles. It will be possible for you to join the Medicare part A which is hospital insurance and Medicare part B which is medical insurance. Rules differ according to your state and it is true that if you live in D.C or some other states in the list you will have to manually enroll for medical insurance (part B) but automatically get enrolled for hospital insurance.

  1. You are getting disability benefits

If you are not yet 65 and you are receiving any disability benefits from any social security, you definitely be enrolled automatically to the original Medicare that is part A and part B. This is only done after receiving the disability benefits for 24 months. In situations where you have ESRD (End-stage Renal Disease) and require regular kidney dialysis or kidney transplant you can actually apply for Medicare advantage plans manually.

On the other hand, if you have a certain condition known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis it is clear that you definitely be automatically enrolled in an original Medicare in the month that you start to receive the disability benefits.

  1. You do not want Medicare Part B

In this matter you are already enrolled to Medicare part B but you are not willing to continue with it, you have some options that will enable you be in a position where you can drop the coverage. The moment you get the card and feel that you don’t want the plan anymore you will just return your card and follow the required instructions. If you stay with the card, you will keep the Medicare plan and premiums must be paid. For more information on that, visit your nearby offices or make contact with them.

Remember that there are different rules depending on the Medicare advantage plan. The plans are offered through the private insurance companies and you can simply purchase from eHealth insurance who acts as brokers. This is done online as the name suggests. If you may need some clarities contact the plan administrator.




Different eligibility criteria for Medicare Supplement Plans

If you are thinking of getting Medicare Supplement Plans then you must first look into the various eligibility criteria involved in the said purchases. You will not be able to purchase Medigap policies whenever you feel like. There are certain time periods when you will be allowed to make such a purchase.

There are also other criteria which you need to look after. Your medical condition is also very crucial in this regard. If you are diagnosed with certain types of ailments then the insurance company may choose not to sell you Medigap policy. However, once sold to you, the company will not be able to dismantle the policy even if you are ill at any point of time after such purchase is made.

Various eligibility criteria

The most important eligibility criteria for purchasing Medicare Supplement Plans are as follows:-

  • In order to purchase Medigap policy, you must first enrol into Part A and Part B of the original Medicare plan.
  • You also need to remain enrolled in your original Medicare policy as far as hospital and medical coverage is concerned. Medigap policy cannot function alone.
  • You need to attain an age of sixty five years in order to become eligible for this policy.
  • If you are under the age of sixty five and have a Medicare policy because of some disability then the company may offer you Medigap policy depending on your current state.
  • You should remember one thing about this policy that it does not include the prescription drugs coverage. There were certain policy that did in the past but the policy of today’s time does not provide any such benefit.
  • You must enrol into Medigap policy during the open enrolment period when the company will not be able to reject your application.
  • However, the company may ask you to wait for a period of six months before it will start covering your pre existing medical conditions.

Do Medicare Supplement Plan and Medicare Advantage Plan work together?

The answer to this question is a plain no. The Medigap policy does not work with the advantage plan. You will have to drop one of these. The reason for this is simple. There are certain coverage in the Medigap policy that are beyond the Advantage Plan so even though you will be paying for such benefits but at the time of claim you will not be compensated because the Medicare Advantage Plan will prevail over Medicare Supplement Plans.

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