[H]ard|OCP is a well known computer hardware website. The DC team is one of the biggest in the world in various projects and our goal is to contribute our resources to help science.

Web adress:http://www.hardocp.com
Date of registration:2009-01-07 23:13:45
Country: United States
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The best member:SazanEyes
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SazanEyes United States2009-01-18 07:01:09 5960621.26%
tr0ach United States2009-01-08 15:34:29 493390.1%
Razor_FX_II United States2009-01-07 23:12:06 297080.06%
metallicafan United States2009-01-23 06:00:05 289430.06%
Eric E United States2009-05-21 20:34:58 81990.02%
alan2308 United States2009-01-27 20:26:44 5300%