Health Insurance Essentials

Having health insurance is essential because it helps people to get timely medical care as well as improving their lives and health. There are some reasons as to why health insurance is necessary.


Medical bill protection


Whenever Medicare insures you, and you regularly need to purchase medical supplies but are costly, Medicare insurance will cover your bills. Under Medicare part B, 80 per cent of the total costs are taken care of, but it is your responsibility to take care of the remaining 20 per cent. For Medicare part B to take care of this share, you are required to reach the yearly deductibles. The extra 20 per cent is wholly covered if Medicare supplement plans protect you.


Guaranteed acceptance


The insurance company accepts you as a member whenever you buy Medicare supplement insurance even if you have health problems and it cannot charge you at a higher rate because of your condition. If you buy your Medicare supplement insurance during the open enrolment period, that is having a Medicare part B the first month you turn 65. In most circumstances, the health insurer can’t charge you at a high rate or refuse to sell you a policy.


Freedom of choice


If you have a Medicare insurance, you have a choice of any doctor who accepts Medicare. If you visit any hospital or any doctor that participates in Medicare, in most cases, you will be covered. Except under Medicare SELECT policy, whereby, you are required to use providers and hospitals in its network to be included.


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Medicare insurance offers a wide variety of coverage, and they help you pay your original Medicare costs. Those Medicare supplement plans which have broad coverage tend to pay high monthly premiums. Whereas, those plans that have a small blanket pay low monthly premiums.


Standardized policies


There are ten standardized Medicare supplement policies which are all regulated by law. In most states, all the all the benefits are the same for each separate plan regardless of where you live or who your insurer is.


Control over options


With Medicare insurance, you have the opportunity to choose your options. You have the option of adding a Medicare prescription coverage and get a plan that suits your needs. You can also have the option to buy a stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan that is suitable in the area you live in.


Coverage outside the United States


If you are outside the U.S. on vacation and you become ill suddenly, there are Medicare supplement plans that will help cover the medical costs outside the country.