How do I find the best Medicare advantage policy (Medigap)? Pt2

For example, some policies may cover all of the Medicare Part A deductible, some cover part of this deductible and some policies do not cover the deductible at all. Some policies may cover emergency medical care during your trip (up to 80% up to the limits of the policy). To compare the benefits of the 10 standardized Medicare advantageal policies, consider what services you use most and where are the highest Medicare costs. For instance, is there a possibility that I will spend some time in a qualified nursing home? Medicare advantageal polices C, D, F, G, M and N can cover 100% of the costs approved by Medicare.

Keep in mind that you are paying a monthly premium with a Medicare advantageal plan (and continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium also). Medicare advantageal policy premiums may vary depending on the insurance company and between different policies. In general, the more coverage the Medicare advantageal policy offers, the higher would be the premium. Before deciding which Medicare advantageal policy is best for you, consider the following:

How much spending on health care expenses? Will the Medicare advantageal policy add value or will the premium cost more than what I currently spend on health care? What do I spend my health care money on? What Medicare advantageal policy or Medicare advantageal policies cover these medical supplies and services? Will I also purchase insurance for items that are not covered by Part A and  B or Medicare Advantageal Policies, such as Medicare Part D prescription drugs? How much can I spend to spend bonuses? Keep in mind that you will continue to pay your Medicare costs (for most people, the Part B cost), your Medicare Advantageal Policy premium, and, if you choose to take prescription drugs, consider your Part D Prescription Drug Policy.

N.B: Medicare advantageal policies can’t be used in conjunction with a Medicare Advantage policy. If you have a Medicare advantageal policy and choose a Medicare Advantage policy, your Medicare advantageal will not be paid for the cost of the Medicare Advantage policy.  Ending your full Medigap plan (not just drug coverage)

You may want an entirely different Medigap plan. You can also switch to a Medicare Advantage plan with coverage for prescription drug.

If you enroll in a new Medicare drug plan, you will pay a late enrollment fee if any of these happen:

  • You abandon your full Medigap policy and drug coverage was unacceptable
  • Spend 63 or more days in a row before the start of a new Medicare drug coverage

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