Know about senior travel clubs and decide your choice

Know about senior travel clubs and decide your choice


Do you know about 2020 Medicare advantage comparison? If not find out more here http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.orgThe senior travel clubs are where seniors pay an annual membership fee. The membership fee is modest and they offer the access to members only that include information, publications, online travel content, and discounts. Few travel clubs charge annual dues and initiation fee. Before becoming a senior travel club member, consider the travel club type you would prefer to be a member and take time to consider.

Travel Groups

This is for seniors who do not prefer solo travel. You can join this travel club; help them in finding different interesting trips to go for. In fact, some travel clubs for seniors absolutely exist for the main purpose of  organizing senior members trips, the trip destinations may vary and also the trip lengths, but these done as a group is fun.

Social Gathering and Travel Information

Senior travel clubs by nature are social. The members attend quarterly or monthly meetings that involve social time, and also a presentation from a travel professional or a member. This senior travel club type is a good fit for people looking for inspiration, potential travel companions, or new friends.

Activity or Transportation -Specific Travel

This travel club type will be well-known to RV owners. Adding to this the club owners of all RVs types, joining a travel club of the owners or class of RV or the make is a distinct experience. Seniors interested can acquire training and join travel clubs just for this activity. If your interests differ, you should look out for a travel club that has like-minded members. If you like outdoor adventure, look for seniors travel cub focusing on outdoor adventure.

Women-Only Travel

There are travel providers organizing trips women-only. However, it is a bit difficult to find women only travel club created.

Travel Club Scams

Getting back to the main point of seniors traveling, there are travel clubs scams as well swelling to rob of your hard-earned money. The scammers provide well-designed proofs of free hotel stays, free airfare on a travel seminar, but they will ask you to pay in advance some reservation fee.  Eventually, when you try booking the trip, the dates will never be available and the fee payment done as advance is pocketed by the scammer. Another scam version includes restrictive conditions and terms preventing from actual trip booking. The scammers disappear and you will be left with nothing, but unwanted worries and disappointment.