What Types of Coverage are not Medicare Supplement Plans?

Original Medicare policies help you pay for a selective range of health-care costs. No matter you have Part A or Part B insurance, you will need to have Medicare Supplement plans to get complete coverage.  Actually, Medigap plans supplement the benefits provided by Original Medicare. In order to avail these benefits, you need to enroll in Original Medicare to be eligible for Medigap coverage. You will need to stay enrolled in Original Medicare for your hospital and medical coverage as well. Before buying any supplement plans, you need to understand that these plans do not offer any stand-alone benefits,

As a Medicare beneficiary, you may also need to enroll in other kinds of coverage, either through the Medicare program or other sources, like an employer. When you first enroll in Original Medicare, you will be asked to fill out a form called the Initial enrollment Questionnaire and they will also ask you if you have other types of insurance.  Remember to fill in all types of other coverage you have in that questionnaire. Medicare will use this information to decide who pays first when you receive any health care services. Commonly, people have below types of insurances when apply for Medicare Supplement plans-

  • Medicare Advantage plans such as HMP or PPO
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (Part D
  • Medicaid
  • Employer- or union-sponsored group coverage
  • Veterans’ benefits
  • Long-term care insurance Policies

Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 policies are not good for long-term care. You may not get Medicare Supplement coverage in case you are under 65 and have a Medicare because of disability, end-stage renal disease or any Amyotrophic. So, you should check with state’s insurance department to find out in case you are eligible to enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan.  Again, keep in mind that Medigap plans do not offer Prescription drug coverage. In case you want help with prescription drug costs, you need to enroll in a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug plan. Furthermore, you cannot use your Medicare Supplement plan to pay for costs that you may have with a Medicare Advantage plan. You can only use Medicare Supplement plan to cover costs in Original Medicare.